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Vancouver Public Library Homework Help
VPL provides an onlline interactive homework help from 4 to 10 weekday evenings. They will assist and guide you. They will not do the work for you.

Ask an Expert
This site will give you links to expert sites on a wide range of sbjects. The site is maintained by the Stevens Insititute of Technology.

Ask a Geographer
Choose the expert by topic.

This US Geological Survey site allows you to contact their scientists with Earth Science questions. However, they encourage you to search for the answer on their site first.

Ask a Scientist: Space and Earth Science
From this NASA site you can link to experts on space, rockets, geography, microgravity, life science, astronomy, and physics.

Ask Dr. Math
This site is recognized as the best site for students seeking help in math.

High School Ace
Academic resources for high school students. Definitely has a United Sates focus, but provides some great homework links.

Internet Public Library Teen Division
This site contains many links selected by librarians and teens. Homework help sites and information on how to do research and write papers is included.

Internet Public Library Youth Division
This section of the Internet Public Library is organized in subject divisions. e.g., Reference, Science, Our World, Art and Music.

Score Science: Ask a Scientist
This site is maintained by Schools of California On-line Resources for Education. Choose from Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Environmental Sciences and General Sciences. This California education site links to a number of scientists in each field. Some information is given about each scientist.

Virtual Library
The Virtual Library is an immense project that lists websites by topic.

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