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Hostelling Around the World
Use the internet to complete the following questions.

Start at this website (click on the logo)
1) Find the closest HI hostel to PW.
2) Find the farthest away hostel but still in BC.
3) Your family wants to go to Montreal this summer.
Is there a HI hostel there?
How much would it cost to stay there in a private room per night (assume you have a membership)?
4) Which province has the most hostels?

Go to the International website
5) How many countries in the world have HI hostels?
6) What do you need to do to stay at a hostel?
7) What payment choices do you have for your stay?
8) How old do you have to be to stay in a hostel on your own?
9) How much is it to become a member?
  10) Create a chart for the following cities.
Choose an HI hostel to stay in for each city and state how much it would cost to stay there per night and tell why you would like to stay there.
a) London, United Kingdom
b) Amsterdam, Netherlands
c) Paris, France
d) Berlin, Germany
e) Rome, Italy
f) Helsinki, Finland
g) Istanbul, Turkey
h) Tokyo, Japan
i) Lima, Peru
   Click on the paper to get a word copy of this assignment.