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Social Studies
Underground Railroad Assignment

Why are we doing this?
The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the Underground Railroad
and show Ms. Moon that you know how to use in-text citations.
What are we doing? You will produce a one to two page report with well formed paragraphs that would give a student a good reference on all aspects of the Underground Railway.
Part I: Do The Research
Use the link under the picture (on the left) and watch the Heritage Minute.
Start a NOTES word document and write some information you learned from the video.
Start a WORKS CITED LIST using MLA format.
If you can't remember how to do that click on the book to take you to the website!
This information is also in your student agenda.

Add the video to your works cited list.
Using your textbook, Horizons: Canada Moves West
read about the Underground Railroad by reading pages 28 and 29.

Add the textbook to your works cited list.
Write some notes on your NOTES page.

Continue learning more about the Undeground Railroad by choosing some other sources. You must use 2 sources in your project!
Try these websites:

  Begin writing three or more well constructed paragraphs that use in-text citations to show that have used different sources.
Undreground Railway

Student Name
Student #

Your assignment will have:
* A Title Page
* A Written Assignment
* A Works Cited list
* A Notes (in a word document)
You will have two days in the computer lab in order to complete this assignment.
This assignment will be due on
How you will be marked:
Title Page
Correct number of sources (5 sources or more) 5
Written style (in paragraphs) including spelling and grammar 10
In-text citations done correctly 10
Works Cited List 10
Notes 5_____
Total Marks: 45